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Supervisor - John Perry
Town Clerk/Tax Collector - Judy S. Mayhon
Highway Superintendent - Mike Shultis
Assessor - Brittany Balfe

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Workshop Agenda Meeeting Tuesday January 21, @ 7 p.m

Town Board Meeting, Monday, January 27, @ 7 p.m





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Planning Board Agenda
February 03, 2020
Two Ethics Committee Alternates Needed
January 24, 2020


The Town of Hurley is seeking two alternates for the Ethics Committee.  We are at capacity for Democrats and Republicans.  If you are of another party or no party affilliation and would like to volunteer please send a letter to the Supervisor at PO Box 569, Hurley, New York 12443 or email: supervisor@townofhurley.org.  Please include your name, address (must be a resident of Hurley), and enrolled pollitical party (other than Democratic or Republican) or if you have no party affilliation.  No party majority is allowed by Town Law.




Onteora School District Building Utilization and Grade Configuration Study
January 23, 2020
The Onteora School District has conducted a study on future building utilization and grade configuration.
The powerpoint and completed study are attached.
For Further Information Please Contact the Onteora Superintendent's Office at 845-657-6383 X 1010

Special Town Board Meeting
January 09, 2020

There will a Town Board Meeting on Monday January 13th at 4:00 PM. The Purpose of the meeting is to approve consultant for the Comprehensive Review Committee.



Soup for Seniors
January 08, 2020

Winter Wednesdays at the Town of Hurley Town Hall

Soup for Seniors  11:30-1P.M

The Next Soup Day is February 12th 2020





Town of Hurley Procurement Policy
January 07, 2020

The Town of Hurley Procurement Policy can be found to the left in Quick Links, under the Rules, Regulations and Policies Heading.





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