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Supervisor - John Perry
Town Clerk/Tax Collector - Judy S. Mayhon
Highway Superintendent - Mike Shultis
Assessor - Brittany Balfe

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Town Board Agenda Meeting, Monday, September 16th @ 6p.m

Town Board Meeting, Monday, September 23rd @ 7 p.m 




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Ashokan Watershed Programs for September
September 18, 2019
Click the link to discover the educational and family friendly events to celebrate the unique characteristics that make the Ashokan Watershed so special!

Upcoming Recreation Trips
September 10, 2019

Disney's Frozen- Proctors Schenectady, Sunday Nov. 17th. Price per ticket $85.00. Leaves Kingston @10a.m


Radio City Christmas Show- Saturday Nov.23rd. Price per ticket $85.00. Leaves Kingston @ 8a.m


NYC Do Your Own Thing- Saturday Dec. 7th. Price per ticket $25.00. Leaves Kingston @ 8a.m



September 09, 2019
September 09, 2019




Town Board Meeting Agenda for August 26, 2019
August 23, 2019

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Transfer Station Cost Increase
July 23, 2019
Due to the rise in hauling costs, the Town of Hurley has had to increase the fee for disposal of household waste from .10 to .12 per pound.
The increase will be in affect immediately.
Thank you for your understanding of this necessary change.  
Please see the Transfer Station Department page for the rates of disposal of bulk items. Those fees have not increased.

Town of Hurley Land Use Moratorium
July 18, 2019
The Town of Hurley Land Use Moratorium is available for you to read.

Zoning Board of Appeals Vacancy
July 15, 2019
The Town of Hurley Zoning Board of Appeals has a vacancy.  For information on the duties of the position please see Zoning Board of Appeals under
Quick Links, then Boards and Committees on this page.
The Board meets the second Thursday of each month. 
Please send a letter of interest to:  Supervisor, 10 Wamsley Place, Hurley NY 12443 or an email to: supervisor@townofhurley.org

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