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Conservation Advisory Councils (CAC's) were created as part of the General Municipal Law by the State of New York to advise in the development, management and protection of the muncipality's natural resources. The all-volunteer Hurley CAC consists of a maximum of nine members, each with a nine-year term. Anyone interested in becoming a member of the CAC should e-mail a note to that effect to


Joan Paccione
Term: 12/31/2024
Ralph Durham
Term: 12/31/2019
Nancy Johnson
Term: 12/31/2023
Kristen Schara
Term: 12/31/2020
David Yozzo PhD
Term: 12/31/2021
Tony Bonavist
Term: 05/31/2028
Andrew Shapiro
Term: 07/31/2028
Conservation Advisory Council


The CAC meets at 7pm on the first Wednesday of every month at Town Hall, 10 Wamsley Place in Hurley.



The objectives of this study and plan were to map the groundwater resources in detail, identify potential sources of contamination and outline protection strategies and future work. One such approach would be the development of a municipal water system for portions of the area. Accordingly, possible areas for municipal water sources have been identified as part of this report.


Hurley Habitat Map (PDF - 3.0 MB)

Hudsonia was asked by the Hurley CAC to identify and map ecologically significant habitats in an approximate 1500 acre area south of Main Street and east of Route 209 within the Town of Hurley.  They used a great variety of information to identify and digitally map habitats in the study area.  The purpose of this assessment was to provide biodiversity information for the town to use in land use planning.


The CAC created this water protection brochure which describes methods of protecting our natural resources. It was mailed to all Hurley residents.



In 2006 the CAC created a Water Protection Brochure describing methods of protecting our natural resources, which was sent to all citizens of Hurley.


This study was initiated by the CAC to define the quantity and quality of water resources with the goal of protecting such resources and of delineating possible new water resources. In addition to its 21 pages of text, it includes tables, maps and references.


Open Space 2004 (PDF - 2.8 MB)
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