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Ethics Committee

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The Ethics Law and Commitee were created for the Town of Hurley, in order to assure the Public that their politicians are open and honest. It provides a means of filing a complaint regarding questionable behavior in our local government. 


Wendy Hennessy
Term: 12/31/2022
Glenn Decker
Term: 12/31/2022
Peter McKnight
Term: 12/31/2021
Judy Alexander
Term: 12/31/21
Michael DiBattista
Term: 12/31/2020
Ethics Law



  • To establish standards of ethical conduct for officers, employees and consultants of the Town;
  • To provide officers and employees of the Town, whether elected or appointed, paid or volunteer, with clear guidance on such standards;
  • To promote public confidence and integrity in the agencies, administrative offices of our local government;
  • To facilitate the consideration of potential ethical problems before they arise, to minimize unwarranted suspicion, and to enhance the accountability of government to the people by requiring public disclosure of financial interests that may influence or be perceived to influence the actions of Town officers and employees; and
  • To provide for the fair and effective administration of this chapter.
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