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Planning Board


The Planning Board is responsible for handling all subdivisions of land within the Town of Hurley. This includes lot line adjustments, site development plan reviews, special use permits, and visual assessments. Their charge is to ensure that all such activities are in accordance with the zoning code regulations of the town.
Board Members
The Planning Board consists of seven volunteer members, each appointed by the Town Board to serve a seven year term. Every effort is made to ensure that all regions of the town are represented by way of the individuals appointed to the Planning Board.


For any activity requiring the attention of the Planning Board, residents must submit a completed application form and a short or long environmental assessment form along with a preliminary sketch plan or plat. Forms may be obtained at the Town Clerk's office during normal business hours, or by calling the Planning Board and requesting that the forms be mailed. Applicants will then be scheduled for the next available opening at a Planning Board meeting. Applicants may also call the Planning Board to be placed on the next available agenda.

Some applications require a referral from the Zoning Board of Appeals or from the Code Enforcement Officer in the Building Department. Most matters will require a public hearing. Some applications will require several meetings prior to approval; the Planning Board can advise you on this. 


The Planning Board meets on the first Monday of each month at the Town Hall at 10 Wamsley Place, Hurley at 7:00 PM.  To be placed on the agenda, the submission deadline for applications and supporting information is 2 weeks prior to the scheduled meeting.

Mitchell Cohen
Term: 12/31/2024
Karl Brueckner
Term: 12/31/2026
Diana Cline
Term: 12/31/2023
Wayne Rice
Term: 12/31/2022
Henry Gleich
Term: 12/31/2023
Raymond Palmer
Term: 12/31/2024
Robert Kellar
Term: 12/31/2020
Lisa Mance - Secretary ()
Phone: (845) 331-7474 ext 335 or (845) 331-7474 ext 6
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