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In New York State, our towns have been organized with an elective legislative body, to wit: the Town Board. This Board usually consists of the Supervisor and four Councilpeople who, as a group, represent the executive head of the town. Such is the case in the Town of Hurley. There is no single executive in town government comparable to a mayor of a city or village. The Town Board serves as the executive, administrative and legislative body of the town. Clearly then, the actions of the Town Board have a profound effect on the residents and businesses within the town. An individual board member may not unilaterally act on behalf of the Town Board. The Board acts as a unit and must function as a body.

Town Councilpeople, under state statute, serve a term of four years. The term of office of the Town Supervisor is two years. Election of members of the Town Board is normally staggered, so that the entire Board will not come up for election in the same year.




The Hurley Town Board meets on the third and fourth Mondays of each month, at 6:00 PM for the Agenda meeting and 7:00 PM for the Town Board meeting. Each third Monday is the Supervisor's Agenda Meeting, which is always held at the Town Hall on Wamsley Place. The Town Hall is located in Hurley, just off State Route 209, parallel to the Wynkoop Road exit.


Each fourth Monday is the regular Town Board meeting.  The meetings are held at the Town Hall, 10 Wamsley Place, Hurley.


All meetings are open to the public and all are encouraged to attend. If you have a matter you would like to discuss at one of these meetings, you can simply attend, or call or email the Supervisor. In the event that a meeting should fall on a holiday, call the Town Hall at 331-7474 or check this website for scheduling changes. 

John Perry ()
Town Supervisor
Phone: 845-331-7474 ext 6
Term: 2 Years expires December 31, 2021
Barbara Zell ()
Term: 4 Years expires December 31, 2021
Michael Boms ()
Term: 4 Years expires December 31, 2021
Melinda McKnight ()
Term: 4 Years expires Decemebr 31, 2023
Peter Humphries ()
Phone: 845-331-7474
Term: 4 years expires December 31, 2023
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