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The Town Historian is an officer of the Town, appointed by the Town Supervisor, with a term of office which runs concurrently with that of the Town Supervisor. As the chief history agent of the community, the historian is responsible for the preservation of those governmental and local records that relate to the history of the town. These records include, but are not limited to, photos, maps, diaries, papers, and books relating to the community and its residents. It is the obligation of the historian to provide an unbiased, objective and accurate history of the respective communities that make up the town, to all local citizens. (Hours are by appointment only.)

Town History

Take a trip into the past and discover our interesting town history, from its inception as a Dutch farming proprietorship to supplying part of New York City's water needs. Discover its role in the defense of the Hudson Valley during the Revolution as well as the impact the discovery of Rosendale Cement had on the blue stone industry of West Hurley.

Hours of Operation:
By appointment only.
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