Highway Department

Michael Shultis

1035 Dug Hill Road
PO Box 302
West Hurley, NY 12491

The Highway Department is responsible for Hurley's 52 miles of roads. The department is headed by a Superintendent who is elected to a two year term. Michael Shultis, our current Superintendent, directs a crew of 11 in blacktopping, snow plowing, and the repair and maintenance of our Town roads. They also handle seasonal and special projects as the need arises.



James Herdman - Deputy Superintendent

Fred Klun, Jr. - Working Foreman

Harry Jansen - H.M.E.O.

Donald Converse - H.M.E.O.

Peter F. Diamond - H.M.E.O.

Charles M. O'Keefe - Working Foreman

James Quigley, IV - H.M.E.O

John Wiacek - H.M.E.O.

Andrew Doyle - H.M.E.O.

Peter Gorman, Jr. - Mechanic 

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 6:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Mike Shultis
Phone: 845-338-4067
Highway Secretary ()
Phone: 845-338-4067
Strong Mailboxes
Your mailbox and its post should be able to withstand the rigors of winter snow plowing.  Heavy, wet snow is frequently the result of changing temperatures during a major storm.  This has to be plowed off of the roadways and will be thrown to the shoulders - hitting any mailboxes placed there.  Strong mailboxes are not harmed. Thin pipes, especially aluminum and soft metal or PVC pipe (which splinter and shatter in sub-zero temps) are not suitable materials.  A suggested minimum post size would be 4x4 or bigger, and should be pressure treated lumber.
Clear Drainage
Please be responsible during your fall yard clean-up. Do not place leaves and brush in or around the ditches and drainways along the roads.  Even easements that exist between properties should be kept clear.  The habit of piling debris on the uphill side of a “DI” (drain inlet) is unacceptable and causes hazardous safety conditions. The common torrential downpours in the Fall carry leaves and twigs into drains that clog quickly, causing the roads to flood. Let’s be good partners this Fall!  You can have tidy yards and the Highway Department can have clear drainage.
Sump Pumps
This subject has been mentioned in previous newsletters. I’m still looking for resident cooperation to correct the “water outlets into the roadway” problems that exist in many areas of our town.  If you saw us having to return frequently to sand the road due to water from your property causing icy conditions, then you know there is a problem.  Please try to fix that run-off within your property limits before winter arrives again.
Street Lights
The Town of Hurley Highway Department is not responsible for street lights in the town, nor is any other Town office. If you need assistance of any kind please direct your calls to Central Hudson's Customer Service line at 845-452-2700.
Road Maintenance

If you live on, or have any questions, regarding the following roads, please contact the agency provide:



Ulster County Dept of Public Works, (845) 340-3100


Dewitt Mills Road

Foertner Street

Glenford-Whittenberg Road

Hurley Avenue

Hurley Mountain Road

Lucas Avenue

Main Street

Maverick Road

Morgan Hill Road

Ohayo Mt. Road

Old Route 209

Spillway Road

Wynkoop Road

Zandhoek Road

Zena Road



New York State Department of Transportation, (845) 331-5533


Route 28

Route 209

Route 375



New York City Board of Water Supply, (845) 657-2713

Basin Road

Dike  Road

Route 28A





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