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Since 1981 Hudsonia has conducted environmental research, education, training and technical assistance to protect the natural heritage of the Hudson Valley and neighboring regions. A non-advocacy organization, Hudsonia serves as a neutral voice in the challenging process of land use decision making.

Our work includes education, basic and applied research on rare species and their habitats, wetlands and estuaries, and the study of invasive plants and other threats to biodiversity.

Hurley Citizen's Soapbox:
Hurley Citizen's Soapbox-Hurley Blog
  This is a forum for the citizens of Hurley, N.Y. to post comments and voice their opinions on all matters affecting our community. It is intended as a Voice of the People. Kindly rant and rave with discretion.  It is an unofficial forum and not in any way connected to Hurley Town Government.
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Lower Esopus Watershed Partnership:
Lower Esopus Watershed Partnership


in Ulster County,

New York Alert:
New York Alert

New York Alert is the New York State All-Hazards Alert and Notification web-based portal. It is part of New York State’s ongoing commitment to provide New Yorkers with information so that they will understand the risks and threats that they may face and know how to respond accordingly.  Each of us has the responsibility to be as prepared as possible for any emergencies that may arise.  One of the keys to preparedness is having up-to-date information.

This website contains critical emergency-related information including instructions and recommended protective actions developed in real-time by emergency service personnel. Concurrent with the posting to this website, that same information will be disseminated through various communications systems (e.g. email, cell phones, media outlets) to those who sign up.

The information posted here will include severe weather warnings, significant highway closures, hazardous materials spills, and many other emergency conditions.  Additionally you will find information regarding response actions being taken by local and state agencies and protective actions that you should take to protect you, your family and your property. 

By signing up for NY-Alert, you can receive warnings and emergency information via the web, your cell phone, email and other technologies.  Signing up for NY Alert is free.  Your information is protected and never shared with any one else.  You can modify what type of information you receive or unsubscribe at any time.  It is a tool to provide you with critical information when you may need it most.

Sustainable Hudson Valley:
Sustainable Hudson Valley
An innovative think tank and leadership organization, SHV is forging new approaches to global warming response with greener, more livable communities and creative economies that focus on environmental solutions.
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